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Why Virtual Campus Tours Work - Part 2

In our recent blog, we highlighted the benefits of the virtual campus tour, and now we'll explain ways to create them successfully. By understanding the latest technology,..

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Why Virtual Campus Tours Work - Part 1

As college campuses open their doors after a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, virtual tours are more vital than ever. How can schools stay up to date with the latest trends? While..

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Why 2021 Is The Perfect Year to Promote Summer School

Summer 2021 is almost here, and with it brings the promise of the world slowly beginning to open again. While we move closer to achieving safety for most of the global population..

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Why Student Associations Are An Essential Part of The University Experience

An essential part of a university student’s experience is a sense of belonging. Student affairs researcher Alexander W. Astin said that students who become more involved in..

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Profile of the Non-Traditional Learner

If you were asked to describe what the typical "university student" looks like, you might picture a teenager fresh out of high school. Today, however, this image is representative..

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How Summer Schools Are Responding to COVID-19

Now that the spring semester is well and truly online, universities and colleges in the northern hemisphere are looking ahead to how they can best offer their summer programs..

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