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Keystone Higher Education News: Education (5)

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Getting to Know Generation Alpha: 10 Takeaways for Higher Ed

Generation Z and Millennials may claim the lion’s share of media attention, but another generation is nipping at their heels. We’re talking about Generation Alpha, AKA the..

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Why You Need a Lead Nurturing Strategy

Modern student recruitment can be challenging, especially if your role involves handling hundreds or thousands of leads. When you receive a new enquiry from a potential student,..

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A beginner's guide to lean management in higher education

In 2018, the 31st Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition was held in Helsinki, Finland. Europe's biggest international higher education conference, EAIE brought together educators..

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Rural students: the next frontier for university recruiters

Universities wanting to boost international student recruitment often tend to focus on new countries or regions when determining their marketing strategy. However, these..

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Why US Schools Should Be Recruiting International Student Athletes

Fewer US Gen Z students are participating in extracurricular sports in high school. Participation in baseball, basketball, football, and soccer has fallen 4% in 10 years among..

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Why Higher Ed Needs to Better Prioritize Wellness

New studies are suggesting that modern students are facing increased stress and mental pressure, as the incidence of reported mental health issues on campuses rises. While..

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